Clean 1 Aug (07) Ivan Da Silva
Clean 1 Aug (07) Ola Hassbring
Clean 5 Jun (2007)
Clean 27 Apr (2007)
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Clean 6 Aug (2006)
Clean 2 Aug (2006)
Clean 16 Apr (2006)
Clean 6 Mar (2006)
Clean 24 Feb (2006)
Clean 2 [RIO]
Clean 1 [RIO]

Clean Group presents
a CLEAN EuroPride Opening Party

Saturday 26th July


With powerful house beats from Barcelona, Clean has becomed
one of the best house club in Stockholm.
Except some of the best Dj's in Stockholm, Clean has a troop
of dancers (The Sparkling Crew), that contains around 40 dancers.
The leader of the troop, Juan-Pedro, is in charge to make the
dancers to do their best to entertain,

Clean invites you to a unforgetable experience.